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Prospective Graduate Students

In my capacity as a Research Associate, I do not engage in advising or recruiting graduate students.

Advising Undergraduate Students

From time to time, I offer opportunities for Cornell University's undergraduate students to engage in research projects under my guidance.


Undergraduates at Cornell University with an interest in urban agriculture education, civic engagement, or climate change education are welcome to reach out to me. While funding for these positions may not be available, students can receive Cornell University credits for independent research.

Pre-college Students

Students at the pre-college level with an interest in environmental disciplines are invited to enroll in one of my summer courses, "Green Cities" or "Sustainability Leadership." Successful completion of either course will earn participants 3 academic credits from Cornell University.


Pre-college students who distinguish themselves by achieving a grade of A+ in either course are eligible to request a letter of support from me for their university applications in the subsequent fall. This letter will attest to their academic excellence and potential for future success in environmental studies.

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